Rita Galambos

designer, graphic-designer, painter

Rita Galambos designer, graphic-design, contemporary artist, bildende Künstlerin, Grafikerin, Illustratorin, Designerin Painter Designer hungarian Artist, Modern Art, Vorarlberg, Feldkirch, Austria

Artist Statement


About me...

I was born in 1988 in Körmend, then spent my childhood years in Vasvár with my family. In 2010 I graduated as an artist designer in Sopron.

   Because of my love for design, I graduated in 2017 from Graphic-Media Design in Vorarlberg. My curiosity for painting has never ceased.
In 2011 I started painting and since then I have had my paintings displayed in many domestic and foreign exhibitions.
   I get a lot of inspiration from my kids, which is why I like dynamic and vibrant colors. My painting is quite versatile, it is motivated by my memories from my childhood, inspired by Hungarian memories and the village atmosphere, as well as the events and family life experiences and emotions, impressions I got during my travels. I would place my art between impressionism and expressionism, and I like the pure colors and the varied brush treatment.


Currently I work and live with my family in Feldkirch (Vorarlberg-Austria).


Rita Galambos Hungarian Artist Designer Painter Feldkirch Vorarlberg Austria Dekoration painting

Rita Galambos between sky and earth 2017 Hungary Artist Painter

Gallery says.....

Born in Hungary, Rita Galambos studied graphic design at the School of Art in Szombathely and the University of West Hungary, Sopron. Her paintings alternate between abstract and figurative, a necessity, she says, given the way “realistic art sets too many boundaries.” Though the approaches are different, Galambos’ body of work is nearly always bound by water, which she sees as a conduit for her own emotions. “I try to be very smooth and ethereal with my art,” Galambos says. “I also try to paint fast to ensure my current feelings are captured in the painting.”
This channeling of emotion can, at times, lead to a more textured approach that Galambos achieves with the use of thick brushes, painting knives, and plastic cards. These pieces diverge in feeling from the calm pastel waterfronts, sailboats, and trees that typically fill her work, yet there’s a sense that they reflect the same world from a different view. Human nature, she advises, can be seen “through different streams of color.” 
Rita Galambos lives and works in Feldkirch, Austria.