Rita Galambos

designer, graphic-designer, painter

Rita Galambos designer, graphic-designer, painter

" If you can imagine it, you can archieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it..."

Artist Statement


My paintings - my works


       I would place my art between realism and impressionism, since the realistic art sets too many boundaries, it does not provide enough space so I just use it as a guide. I would like to convey the feelings and spirit I have experienced on my journeys giving me the opportunity of artistic freedom and the viewers the opportunity to use their phantasy.

My acrylic paintings show the feelings which I experience while I am working on them. Sometimes there are smooth lines and light pastel colours other times I use a rough paintbrush or a painting knife or even a plastic card which gives those arts a more interesting texture.

I prefer to paint the nature such as the mirroring effect in the water and blossoming trees or a smaller village/ town. There are also times when I paint mysterious big cities and organic forms as I see them...


Rita Galambos painter, designer, graphic designer, landscape, crazy town


Landscape, human representation, modern decoration,

based on the art of meditation


" Everything you can imagine is real..."